Do scientific discoveries threaten religious beliefs?

Scientific discoveries are only a threat to religion if the believer makes it a threat. What I mean by this is that the modern Catholic church has accepted scientific findings and do not find them a threat, because any Biblical text contradicted is seen as an iron age attempt at explaining creation with important spiritual lessons embedded in the narrative.

There are Bible “literalists” who reject evolution and the big bang, because they feel they contradict the account of creation in Genesis. I find this interesting, because these same people do not believe in slavery although the Bible condones it. I don’t know why one would cherry pick scripture in the case of slavery but not when it comes to the creation account.

In the case of my own religion, Buddhism, it is usually open to scientific discoveries, but one area of conflict I see is in the nature of consciousness. I am convinced by recent scientific discoveries that consciousness is an emergent phenomena of the brain, yet at some point in my Buddhist practice I should have an experience of consciousness as not being confined by the brain.

I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it. In fact, I will look forward to reconciling the two. I love such puzzles.

©2017 Stephen L. Martin

Photo: Crab Nebula

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