I don’t deserve what I have. Others work harder than me and have nothing.

Is it that you are feeling guilty for having nice things or do you feel undeserving or both?

When you see others who have a lot, how do you feel about them?

What you are describing is unfair and it is the way things are. What would it take for you to accept things as they are?

Seeing as how this is the way things are, can you see yourself just as deserving as others who have nice things?

Is there something you can do to help reduce the inequity? Make donations to a charity? Volunteer for a charity? How about Homes for Humanity?

Denying yourself pleasure isn’t going to even up the score. Allow yourself to enjoy your good fortune and find a way to give back.

©2016 Stephen L. Martin

Painting: Portrait of Picasso by Juan Gris

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