How did you know your cat was “the one”?

I always go for the contented ones. Long haired cats have a contented disposition, so I adopt a lot of long hair cats. I get them from the shelter.

Molly was a 12 year old gray Persian sitting contentedly in a basket. When I walked over to her, Jasmine a 13 year old seal-point Siamese walked over to me and demanded attention. When I inquired about Molly, I was told that they wanted to keep Molly and Jasmine together, because they grew up together. Why were elderly purebred cats at the shelter? Their owner had died of cancer.

But this story is really about Joey. When I saw Joey in his cage, he was sitting contentedly in his litter box. You read that right. He was sitting in his litter box. I opened his cage and he ignored me. No problem. I know how to build rapport with kitties. I ignored him. I picked up his toy mouse and started playing with it. Curiosity got the best of him and he came over to investigate. I started petting him and we bonded.

Joey was two years old at the time and was given to the shelter, because he didn’t get along with the prior owner’s cat (I am not sure what it was about, but I heard something about dirty dishes left in the sink and playing the stereo loudly at 3 am. I think Joey was the culprit).

He is a Himalayan mix. I am not sure what the other breed is, but I suspect it is Maine Coon. Here is a picture of Joey at three years old. He is very affectionate. He licks my nose in the morning, cuddles every time I lie down and follows me around the house like a dog.

©2016 Stephen L. Martin

Photo: Joey at three years old.

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