What is the most selfish act you have ever witnessed?

My mother was in a coma and dying from cancer. My father asked my sister and me to designate him my mother’s guardian. This he said would give him access to her money for paying for our maternal grandmother’s  sitter. We agreed.

When I arrived at the lawyer office there was a second paragraph on the contract I didn’t understand. I ruminated over whether to sign it for around a half hour. I was afraid that if I didn’t sign it, I would have to deal with an angry father and sister. I really didn’t expect my father to perpetrate fraud, so I decided to trust my dad and signed it.

A couple of months after my mom died, my sister and I started talking about the contract. She mentioned that she didn’t understand the second paragraph either. So she went to city hall and took a look at the contract. She and I had signed away our rights to the money my mom had left us. This was over $20,000 each.

We hired an attorney and threatened my father with a law suit. Since he didn’t want people to know that he was being sued by his children, he agreed to pay us what he owed us.

©2016 Stephen L. Martin

Painting: A Young Lady’s Adventure by Paul Klee

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