Have you as an atheist ever defended a theist who was being personally attacked for their religion?

First Example:

Every Halloween several street preachers come to Salem, MA with their bullhorns. For the most part they amuse me. However, when one had the gall to say that Catholics and Jehovah’s Witnesses were not Christians, I got irate.

One of the things that bugged me about growing up in the South was hearing evangelical and fundamentalist Christians accuse other Christians of not being Christian. I never understood this disloyalty among Christians.

Accusing Catholicism of being non-Christian, is the height of arrogance. Where did he think his form of Christianity come from? After the Ebionites, Gnostics and Marcionites were persecuted out of existence, Catholicism was the only game in town. All modern forms of Christianity come from Catholicism.

So I defended Catholics and Jehovah’s Witnesses by arguing with him. I pointed out that if a Christian disagreed with him, that they could still be a Christian. I also asked him where his form of Christianity came from.

Of course, I didn’t convince him of anything. However, I felt good by not letting the statement go unchallenged.

Second Example:

This wasn’t an attack, but on Quora, I helped bolster a theist’s confidence, so that she or he would worry less about what others would think about their religious life.

See Stephen Martin’s answer to How can i get more confidence in myself as a religious person and stop being affacted or worried about what others thinks? (read details)

©2016 Stephen L. Martin

Linoleum cut: The Tube Train by Cyril E. Power

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