I Was Asked, What Are the Perks of Dating You (or is that Me?).

Here is my answer:

  • I am very thoughtful. I thought for quite a while on how to title this post. (“If they are asking me, it should be …the perks of dating you. Wait that doesn’t sound right.”)
  • I am incurably curious. Luckily, I have eight lives left.
  • We will have stimulating conversations (coffee optional).
  • I am culinarily curious.
  • I read.
  • I have guitars. You can play them if you want.
  • I have a cat. You can play with him if you want.
  • I’m a secular Buddhist. But you can be anything you want (that doesn’t involve human sacrifice.).
  • I don’t like action adventure movies.
  • I like independent and foreign films.
  • I have wide ranging taste in music that includes belly dancing music.
  • I am unattached to my facial hair. You want me with a beard, OK. You want me without one, OK.
  • I can be geeky. I am an electrical engineer by training. When I wasn’t in my lab reanimating life, I designed audio products and architectural lighting.
  • I can be cultured. I spent four years writing classical music. Listening to it is optional.
  • I am really good at listening…and stealthily passing everything you say to headquarters.
  • I have a disarming friendliness and open-mindedness. Don’t worry I will re-arm you with a flyswatter and have you fight on the side of the revolutionary underground (Dear Mister homeland security agent, this is a joke). Dear reader, it isn’t.
  • I have about 100 different spices in my kitchen.
  • My house is fun.
  • I once had my paperwork organized by its geographical location on the floor of my home office. I thought about putting down tape to designate which section is for the electric bills, mortgage payment, etc. That would be a perk, wouldn’t it?

©2016 Stephen L. Martin

Photo: Me with Optional Facial Hair

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