Why do some people insist that the music they like is better than anybody else’s?

Usually, it’s musical snobbery. Some people think their music is better because it is obscure and this puts them in the elite group that knows about it. Some people insist their music is superior, because it is more musically complicated. However, there is a lot of contrived music written in the name of sophistication.

The only test of truly great music I know of is the test of time. In rock and pop music there was a lot of crap written in the sixties that no one remembers. The stuff that people remember is called classic rock for a reason, it has withstood the test of time. In another 50 years, some of the sixties bands we remember today, will be forgotten and those remaining will be cream of the crop. This is true of course for any decade.

The same goes for jazz and classical music. You’ve heard of Mozart and Beethoven, but you’ve never heard of Kotzwara, because although he was appreciated in his time, his music had no lasting value.

©2016 Stephen L. Martin

Picture: Frantisek Kotzwara

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