A Life lesson from Duane Allman

Duane was leaving LA to do session work at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL. Gregg talked him into a horseback ride before he left. Duane fell off his horse and injured his left elbow, making it impossible to play guitar for months. Resentful, Duane wouldn’t take Gregg’s calls or answer the door when Gregg dropped by.

When Duane’s birthday rolled around his arm was still in a sling and he had a cold. Gregg left him Taj Mahal’s first album as a birthday present and a bottle of Coricidin, for Duane’s cold, at his door, knocked and ran.

Inspired by the slide playing by Mahal’s sideman, Jesse Ed Davis on Statesboro Blues, Duane realizes he can play slide with an injured elbow. He dumps the Coricidin out, puts the bottle on his finger and began to play slide. Forgetting his grudge, he works out Davis’ licks. Two and a half hours later, he calls Gregg excitedly and the rest is history.

©2016 Stephen L. Martin

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