Forgiveness is often one sided. If you wait for an apology before you forgive someone, you may be waiting for a long time. To be honest, the other person probably doesn’t care if you have forgiven them. They may not feel that they have done anything wrong. It would be nice if they did and apologized.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you let them off the hook. I have always said forgive and forget is half right. It should be forgive and remember. You must remember what the other person is capable of and remember what safeguards you need to take to prevent it from happening again.

Forgiveness is important for your own peace of mind. Resentment is a nasty emotion that eats you up inside. By forgiving the other person, you let go of the burden of resentment and you can get on with your life. You may also need to forgive yourself.

©2016 Stephen L. Martin

Painting: Forgiveness by Carl Vilhelm Meyer

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