The Truth About Past-Life Regression


In 1952, amateur hypnotist, Morey Bernstein put Virginia Tighe, a housewife into her first trance. Using hypnotic regression, he brought her back to her childhood. Curious as to what would happen, he brought her back to before her birth. He was shocked to find out that she became a 19th century Irish woman by the name of Bridey Murphy. This was the first past-life regression.

Bernstein went on to write a book about his experiences with Virginia Tighe. Called The Search for Bridey Murphy, it was made into a movie by the same name. It turned into a minor sensation. Songs were written about the incident. There were parties and dances with the Bridey Murphy theme.

Investigators on the case, discovered that Tighe had a neighbor who lived across the street from her when she was a little girl. This neighbor was an Irish immigrant by the name of Bridie Murphy Corkell. The investigators concluded it was a case of a forgotten memory surfacing under hypnosis.

I have some training in hypnosis and have been hypnotized on several ocassions. I can tell you that when a subject is under hypnosis, her imagination is vivid and she sees what the hypnotist describes. When regressed to a point before her birth, instead of seeing a blank, her imagination fills in the missing details.

©2016 Stephen L. Martin

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